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São Paulo, 05/15/2019 – Inoar Cosméticos received last night (14) the “Brazilian Company of the Year Award 2019 “by the Latin American Quality Institute (LAQI).

The title was granted to companies aware of the role they play in the business world and the responsibility that they provide in generating opportunities for development of society.

“To achieve Total Quality Companies should establish triple impact (Economic-Social-Environmental) and in this sense we will train each business leader of our network to apply responsible management that impacts on society and contribute at the same time to achieving the global objective proposed by the UN to 2030, “said LAQI CEO & Founder Daniel Maximilian da Costa, DHC.

Inoar, a company founded by Innocence Manoel and Alexandre Nascimento, is a signatory of the Global as part of their strategies, culture and day-to-day operations. United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (ODS), in full synergy with the model of excellence of the Latin American Quality Institute.

According to Innocence Manoel, “All the practical actions that Inoar has been developing over the years, in addition to aligned with the principles established by the Global Compact, are as a consequence of the values ​​that the company has always had, focused on the Human Rights, Labor, Environment and the Fight against Corruption. And the Prize Brazilian Company of the Year 2019 is a consequence of our way of thinking and Act.”

The awards, held against important national business leaders, happened in the headquarters of Fecomércio, in São Paulo.

About Inoar

Brazilian company reference in the national and international market, Inoar Cosmetics brings in its DNA the of its founders: the creation of innovative products through the unique Innocence Manoel, Director of Marketing and Creation, and the Alexandre Nascimento’s businesses make Inoar a cosmetics brand inspired by various types of people, with innovation, cutting edge technology and know-how of those who understand the needs of professionals and consumers final results.


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Multifunctional products gain more and more space in our routine. The idea of ​​decreasing the amount of items in your bathroom has led some people to more often look for products that can be used in a variety of ways and are beneficial to different parts of the body.

Although skin and hair have very different aspects, the similarity between the proteins that make up the two structures is great. Therefore, it is safe to say that moisturizers that benefit the skin may very well favor the hair and vice versa, just use the appropriate formulation.

Thinking of this multifunctionality, Inoar created one of these wild-type formulations and developed the Natural Collection Hair & Body. Its foam enriched with moisturizing agents acts as a medium cleansing shampoo for the hair, but also performs, very well, the role of Bath Gel and Foam Depilation and Beard. This all combined with an aromocological perfume (aramacologia brings positive feelings along with the perfume that we feel) that benefits everything around you.

The brand anticipated the multifunctional trend with the Kálice line. The line with 7 precious vegetable oils (jasmine, argan, myrrh, macadamia, ojon, sweet almonds and rosemary) is able to provide moisturizing, nourishing, repair and antioxidant function, softening, protective and emollient, with light touch and a exclusive. Its multifunctional oil can be used on the skin and hair for several functions: hair drying, waxing, body moisturizing, mixed to makeup or primer and make-up remover.

Recently, the multifunctional shampoo Kálice was elected by the editors of the American magazine Hola! as the best product in The Most Diverse category, receiving the Best In Beauty 2018 seal. Shampoo goes beyond cleaning and is capable of moisturizing, regenerating, softening and protecting all types of hair.

#Abstract Tip

To make your bath a true SPA procedure, make a strong basil tea, let it crush and pour over the body after bathing with Natural Collection Hair & Body. The blend of the aromas of tea and orange blossom present in the product are all about and leave you with a unique and energizing perfume.

Another tip is to combine the multifunctional oil and kálice mask after using Natural Collection Hair & Body. Perfumes complement each other and functions as well. Especially if your wires have already undergone chemical / discoloration.

The director of development, marketing and creation of Inoar Cosméticos, Innocence Manoel, was nominated for the Manager of the Year award, which recognizes and honors the individual excellence of high level executives around the world. The awards will be held at the Oxford Summit of Leaders 2018 on December 18 in Oxford, England.

Innocence Manoel has been recognized as an eminent business leader for contemplating criteria such as vision and leadership, performance and effectiveness of the company, personality and individual management skills, national and international competitiveness, innovation level and corporate social responsibility. “In addition to a great honor, this indication reflects the dedication and constant search for the excellence of Inoar Cosmetics, of our entire team. After all, we are based on social, environmental and human values, which reflects who we are and how we want to continue growing. Without doubt, this recognition is rewarding, “he says.

About Inoar

Inoar Cosméticos brings the essence of its founders in its DNA: the creation of innovative products through the unique look of Inocência Manoel, Director of Marketing and Creation, and the administration of Alexandre Nascimento’s businesses. Inoar a brand of cosmetics inspired by various types of people, with innovation, cutting edge technology and the know-how of those who understands the needs of professionals and end consumers. In May 2018, Inoar Europe was inaugurated with a Technical and Training Center for distributors and professional hairdressers based in Lisbon, Portugal.



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Those who are trained in the composition of the products they use and love to take care of the tresses are more familiar with the question: “Is it released?”. But who is not very connected in the formulation of products may not know what that means. So we are here to clarify everything.

It is no secret that many people confuse foam with the cleaning factor. Whether it’s bath time or any other time in our daily lives, the foam is still associated with deep cleaning. What not everyone knows, is that to make all the foam, the products need cleaning agents, the sulphates, which are mostly aggressive to the hair by removing the natural layer of protection from the wires. And even worse, it may contain other components to mask the effects they provide, petrolatums and silicones.

Because of this, many people have begun to opt for products that do not carry such components. In this way they adhered to Low Poo, No Poo and Co Wash techniques. That is, when someone asks if a shampoo or conditioner is released, it is referring to the presence of sulfates, petrolates and silicones in the composition. Only products that do not have these components can be used for the techniques.

Easy, no !? But now the question that strikes is: what is the difference between these techniques?

Low Poo

Low Poo is a technique that uses shampoo without aggressive sulfates, insoluble silicones and petroleum derivatives in the wash. Thus, to perform the method, it is necessary to replace the shampoos containing substances that are aggressive to the hair by removing the natural protective layer from the wires. In addition, you need to remove the petrolatums that can be harmful to your hair over time.

No poo

Unlike the Low Poo technique, No Poo is a technique that does not use shampoo for washing. Thus, it uses cleansing balms without insoluble silicones and petrolates in the composition. Among the adepts, many are curly and curly also because of the sensitivity of the threads.

Co wash

The Co Wash procedure consists of washing the hair with conditioners. Therefore, the term is closely linked to the practice of No Poo. For Co Wash, it is necessary that the conditioners have no sulfates, petrolatums, mineral oils, petroleum jelly, liquid paraffin or insoluble silicones in the composition.

Are you adept at techniques? Do you use our products for Low Poo, No Poo and / or Co Wash? Tell us about your experience!

Want to know more about these techniques and how they came about?

Every bunch knows the importance of products to finalize their wires. And some are among the darlings for a definite and powerful bunch. This is the case for combing cream and leave-in. But few understand its particularities.

It is common to associate the use of a combing cream with curly hair. This happens, because this type of curvature usually needs some product to facilitate the release of the wires. But this is not the only function of using this product. It also helps, especially if allied to the leave-in and activator of curls, the alignment and definition of the wires. Therefore, the item is usually on the shelves of curly, curly and curly.

Thus, the combing cream shows itself as a great ally when it comes to defining the curls. Because they are more dry, due to the fact that the oil has more difficulty reaching the ends of the hair, the threads need products that return this nutrition, becoming more defined.

In some cases, the combing cream is not able to align the wires as it is so desired. So, in an attempt to tame the frizz of the hair, sometimes we are tempted to leave a little mask or conditioner even after the rinse. Remember that this is not the right choice, because some components and even pH of these products do not predict they stay on the wires for more than 30 minutes.

For these cases, in which dehydration and frizz persist even after treatment or extra help is required to model the wires, leave-in is used. If your hair needs only moisturizing, you can use traditional lines and Inoar brings many options for you, such as variations of the CicatriFios line.

But if you realize that, in addition to moisturizing, you need to model curls or define curls, My Cacho comb, My Crush is the best one. This is because, this formulation contains not only the latest in moisturizing agents, but also a gel of curls integrated to the formula of the cream, guaranteeing definition of the curvatures.

#Abstract Tip

Make a mix with a few drops of the solution for skin and hair Rejupantenol to increase the time of definition of your curls. Making them look brighter and more beautiful.

Known for its longevity and self repair, the Lotus Flower is a plant of Asian origin that has many minerals and nutrients. The flower is already considered as a great ally for maintaining the health of the body and now, Inoar also offers these benefits to your hair.

The Lotus Flower has been used for centuries because of its mystical significance. Egyptians and Hindus considered the sacred flower. Since Hindus still use it for Ayurvedic medicine, a complex therapeutic technique very popular in India.

Its fragrance was associated with the relief of the spirit. Because of this, Lotus Flower oil is found in cosmetic products with calming, soothing appeals. Aromacology also explains this, which is an area of ​​science that studies the influence of smells on emotions and feelings. That is, try to work in the best way the sensation that nature is able to provide us.

Résistance Lotus Flower Inoar works as a moisturizing and revitalizing line. Products with this main component have the power to regenerate the wires, leaving them much softer and more pliable. Its composition provides intense repair for healthier and brighter hair.

These are characteristics that the Lotus Flower is able to provide to the hair. Its revitalizing action comes from the seeds, which are able to activate genes that produce proteins to repair the hair fiber. Thus, the result can not be different from a beautiful and healthy hair.

#Abstract Tip

The main benefit of the Lotus Flower in the threads is its revitalizing action. Therefore, for a regenerated yarn, take care of all the steps of the treatment with Résistance Lotus Flower. The line is composed of shampoo, conditioner, mask, leave-in and oil. Products released for Low Poo, No Poo and Co Wash techniques, vegan and cruelty free.

Inoar, a Brazilian cosmetics company, which exports to over 40 countries, was nominated for the Achievements Forum’s Top 100 Achievement Award 2019 and was announced as the winner on February 21.

The Achievements Forum is made up of council that elected the 100 most innovative companies, which effectively combine successful business with social activities. Inoar was chosen for its modern quality management systems, high qualification of personnel, operation, production and marketing efficiency, as well as competitiveness of production and services and customer satisfaction.

Founder of the Solidarity Beauty social project, Innocence Manoel, credits this important recognition to the way human issues have been worked through the project: “Wherever we go, Solidarity Beauty is consecrated. People have a real passion for Inoar because of its history, for what we do for the sake of others. These are values ​​that are not measured, “says the businesswoman, who is co-founder of Inoar and Director of Marketing, Creation and Development.

The ceremony will take place on April 12 at the Institute of Directors in London.

About Inoar

Inoar Cosméticos brings the essence of its founders in its DNA: the creation of innovative products through the unique look of Inocência Manoel, Director of Marketing and Creation, and the administration of Alexandre Nascimento’s businesses. Inoar a brand of cosmetics inspired by various types of people, with innovation, cutting edge technology and the know-how of those who understands the needs of professionals and end consumers.

Inoar Solidarity Beauty Project

Founded by Inocência Manoel, Beleza Solidária is an Inoar brand project created to empower people from different communities in Brazil and abroad, and is also focused on the recovery of women’s identities and their empowerment. With courses offered to the low-income population and diverse itinerant actions, the initiative aims to offer society a path to entrepreneurship.


Facebook: Inoar Brasil

Instagram: @InoarBrasil | belezasolidaria.inoar

Tel .: (11) 4135-4555

Not yet known – but rich in benefits – bamboo can be a great ally for your beauty routine. This ingredient is being inserted into hair products to aid in the health and beauty of hair, nails and skin. And Inoar has developed a special line to repair weakened hairs and strengthen the strands, leaving them with much brighter, the Bamboo Fiber Resistance.

To understand the performance of the thread in the wires, one must know the power of the bamboo fiber. The plant has always been used for various functions in the East, from food to building material, and in recent years has discovered another great benefit of bamboo: its action in the reconstruction and hydration of the hair.

The bamboo fiber works on the porous wire, sensitized and brittle when replacing the amino acids, since it is rich of them in their composition. And in the matter of hydration, the fiber helps in the retention of water. Thus, it acts from the inside out in the threads, building a strengthening in the internal structure and providing the sealing of the hair, protecting against aggressions.

Products that take the bamboo fiber in its composition give the yarns a stronger and healthier growth. In this way, they can be used by all types of hair, but are recommended for wires weakened by chemical processes, such as discoloration, coloring or smoothing.

To summarize: Bamboo fiber in capillary products helps in rebuilding, as it is rich in amino acids, regenerating hair that loses its mass due to more invasive processes in the threads, but does not leave them stiff. And moisturizes the threads, as it helps the yarn retain water, which avoids the dryness and porosity of the hair. Thus, aiding in hydration and especially in rebuilding, it becomes an ally for stronger and healthier wires to grow.

Inoar Team

We know how difficult it is to keep the strings in line when they are young and not very long. Sometimes they are the villains of the hairstyles. But we must learn to live with them. And so we have separated some ways of making them beautiful and aligned.

These young wires are popularly known as Baby Hair, in literal translation, baby hair. And that’s the very meaning, a new hair that often shivers and is more visible on the forehead part of the front of the scalp. They tend to be thinner and less forceful, so extra care is needed with them.

The great tip to make them beautiful is not to do everything to hide them, but to show them. Show them that they are there and your hairstyle will be much more natural. There are several ways to do this, the main one of which is to mold them with styling products such as gels and ointments. Generally, this technique refers to more romantic / modern looks.

And many people are mistaken to think that people have only begun to show them now. In the 1990s, it was common to mold the baby hair in the form of a cushion on the front of the scalp. So, instead of hiding them, they incorporated them to the look leaving the hairstyles even more beautiful.

Shaping baby hair

On a daily basis, they often upset. It is not every day that you have time to let them align. In this way, the simplest way to contain them is with a little water, modeling them as close to the face and aligning them the way you want them. To fix, a capillary oil is enough.

For a more elaborate hairstyle, a good way is to apply ointments with a clean toothbrush. This way, you can align all the threads in the position you find most appropriate for your hairstyle. Even, camouflaging it between the other wires.

Many celebrities have already joined the fashion that came back from the 90’s and parade with their baby hair modeling. And whoever thinks that this is the exclusivity of the curses is deceiving. Lisas also have these threads. They are often associated with frizz. Hence, the hint of modeling goes well for all types of hair.

ATTENTION: Since baby hair is thinner, use soft brushes. So you do not run the risk of breaking them and damaging them.

Inoar Team

A hair pyramid is a quick way to visualize the care most people should have with their hair. Like a chronogram, that includes all the steps to healthy hair, from frequent to rare treatments. It makes it easier for people that are new to hair care to understand when each regimen is due and keep it on schedule for maintenance. The idea is that some hair treatments might only be needed weekly, monthly, or quarterly, helping with the overall balance goal for each hair type.

Of course, we talked to our trusted team of experts to gather the best hair advice, but we still recommend chatting to your hairstylist, that will adapt the treatments and daily care to your specific hair type.

What should be in your daily care?

The basis of healthy hair comes from the care you have with your strands daily. The daily hydration and protection are essential to make sure they keep their shine. In your daily routine, you should include washing, conditioning, and styling products.

Although you might not wash your hair daily, we recommend daily attention to how your hair feels. Making sure your hair is clean is important to your scalp overall health. Pick the best shampoo for your hair type and make sure to massage as you move the product through the roots. This helps in activating blood circulation with your fingers and keeps blood flowing close to the hair roots.

Rinse hair with cold or warm water thoroughly. Make sure there is no residue left on your strands.

In the next step, conditioning and untangling hair strands, it is very important to only leave the product as long as recommended, on the length of the hair, not the roots. Also, make sure there is no residue left on your strands, so you can apply the appropriate product for styling, like a light oil or a leave-in.

What should be included in your weekly hair routine?

Deep hair hydration is important weekly depending on your hair type. This will maintain your hair shining over time. It’s good to know your products and distinguish between what hydrates, what nourishes, what reconstructs. Alternating the hair masks that help with each of these functions is a great idea.

What should be included in your bi-weekly hair routine?

Some hair treatments are a little deeper and should be done with bigger intervals. For example, oils (that could be used alone or added to hair masks) shouldn’t be done very often. They are great to treat damaged hair, as well as reconstruction hair masks. These more intense treatments are recommended for people that have chemically damaged hair. If you color your hair frequently, these oils and deep masks must be part of your bi-weekly routine to reverse the possible damage.

What should be included in your monthly hair routine?

The monthly routine should be that one day of the month of self-care. Those who color, straighten, bleach, do Brazilian blowouts, or any other chemical treatment often, need to include these days in their schedule. The monthly repair day assures that your hair strands are ready for the next treatment, without losing its shine and healthy appearance.

This monthly day can include heavier hair masks, hot oils, protein treatments, and more.