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Those who are trained in the composition of the products they use and love to take care of the tresses are more familiar with the question: “Is it released?”. But who is not very connected in the formulation of products may not know what that means. So we are here to clarify everything.

It is no secret that many people confuse foam with the cleaning factor. Whether it’s bath time or any other time in our daily lives, the foam is still associated with deep cleaning. What not everyone knows, is that to make all the foam, the products need cleaning agents, the sulphates, which are mostly aggressive to the hair by removing the natural layer of protection from the wires. And even worse, it may contain other components to mask the effects they provide, petrolatums and silicones.

Because of this, many people have begun to opt for products that do not carry such components. In this way they adhered to Low Poo, No Poo and Co Wash techniques. That is, when someone asks if a shampoo or conditioner is released, it is referring to the presence of sulfates, petrolates and silicones in the composition. Only products that do not have these components can be used for the techniques.

Easy, no !? But now the question that strikes is: what is the difference between these techniques?

Low Poo

Low Poo is a technique that uses shampoo without aggressive sulfates, insoluble silicones and petroleum derivatives in the wash. Thus, to perform the method, it is necessary to replace the shampoos containing substances that are aggressive to the hair by removing the natural protective layer from the wires. In addition, you need to remove the petrolatums that can be harmful to your hair over time.

No poo

Unlike the Low Poo technique, No Poo is a technique that does not use shampoo for washing. Thus, it uses cleansing balms without insoluble silicones and petrolates in the composition. Among the adepts, many are curly and curly also because of the sensitivity of the threads.

Co wash

The Co Wash procedure consists of washing the hair with conditioners. Therefore, the term is closely linked to the practice of No Poo. For Co Wash, it is necessary that the conditioners have no sulfates, petrolatums, mineral oils, petroleum jelly, liquid paraffin or insoluble silicones in the composition.

Are you adept at techniques? Do you use our products for Low Poo, No Poo and / or Co Wash? Tell us about your experience!

Want to know more about these techniques and how they came about?

Every bunch knows the importance of products to finalize their wires. And some are among the darlings for a definite and powerful bunch. This is the case for combing cream and leave-in. But few understand its particularities.

It is common to associate the use of a combing cream with curly hair. This happens, because this type of curvature usually needs some product to facilitate the release of the wires. But this is not the only function of using this product. It also helps, especially if allied to the leave-in and activator of curls, the alignment and definition of the wires. Therefore, the item is usually on the shelves of curly, curly and curly.

Thus, the combing cream shows itself as a great ally when it comes to defining the curls. Because they are more dry, due to the fact that the oil has more difficulty reaching the ends of the hair, the threads need products that return this nutrition, becoming more defined.

In some cases, the combing cream is not able to align the wires as it is so desired. So, in an attempt to tame the frizz of the hair, sometimes we are tempted to leave a little mask or conditioner even after the rinse. Remember that this is not the right choice, because some components and even pH of these products do not predict they stay on the wires for more than 30 minutes.

For these cases, in which dehydration and frizz persist even after treatment or extra help is required to model the wires, leave-in is used. If your hair needs only moisturizing, you can use traditional lines and Inoar brings many options for you, such as variations of the CicatriFios line.

But if you realize that, in addition to moisturizing, you need to model curls or define curls, My Cacho comb, My Crush is the best one. This is because, this formulation contains not only the latest in moisturizing agents, but also a gel of curls integrated to the formula of the cream, guaranteeing definition of the curvatures.

#Abstract Tip

Make a mix with a few drops of the solution for skin and hair Rejupantenol to increase the time of definition of your curls. Making them look brighter and more beautiful.

Inoar Cosmetics is preparing to conquer in 2019 another slice of the beauty market by launching its first children’s line. Inoar Baby Little Vegan, suitable for newborns and babies, and Inoar Little Vegan, for children, will arrive in 2019 on the market and will bring organic ingredients and 100% vegan formula. In addition to containing the best raw materials and being dermatologically tested and hypoallergenic, the lines will feature a pet, the Pepê rabbit, and booklets for children.
“The new children’s lines are vegan, with no ingredients of animal origin, no animal testing, and reinforce our commitment to respect for life. The idea of ​​launching products aimed at this audience first meets our commitments and values.We want children to look at products and, right now, realize the importance of making choices that protect nature, animals, and the environment, “says Innocence Manoel, creative, marketing and development director for Inoar Cosmetics.

“In creating this line, I had the purpose of leaving a very important legacy, essential in my journey as a mother, businesswoman and woman. I want to rescue some values ​​for the children, who are increasingly subject to excesses of marketing communication: sharing, empathy, solidarity, care for the animals and the environment in which we live. I want to remember the importance of outdoor play, of contact with nature, of walking on the land, of home-made food, of games that bring sustainability issues and more generous attitudes into the home, teaching the little ones to look and learn from others, “she adds.
New products

The Inoar Baby Little Vegan line will be composed of four products: Hair & Body Bath Gel, Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Cream, Massage Oil and Cologne. All suitable for newborns and infants.

· Baby Little Vegan Hair & Body Bath Gel: with marigold, organic chamomile and lavender oil, clean from head to toe, respecting the natural balance, without burning the eyes.

· Baby Little Vegan Sensitive Skin Moisturizing Cream: with marigold, organic camomile and passiflora oil, it strengthens the skin barrier, preventing dryness, providing immediate and prolonged hydration.

· Baby Little Vegan Massage Oil: with calendula, lavender, macadamia and organic passiflora oils and without synthetic preservatives, it is recommended for relaxing massages such as Shantala, which help relieve cramps, bring warmth and wellbeing from the very first day of life.

· Baby Little Vegan Cologne: 100% vegan formula and organic ingredients, refreshes and perfumes, providing a sensory olfactory from the first days of the baby’s life.

Inoar Little Vegan, for children, is composed of Shampoo, Conditioner, Cleansing Cream and Moisturizing Cream.

· Inoar Little Vegan Shampoo: 100% vegan formula, organic lavender and fruit vitamins, cleans softly, without burning eyes, and fortifies, preventing breakage and enhancing the natural health of the yarn.


· Inoar Little Vegan Conditioner: With 100% vegan formula, organic lavender oil and fruit vitamins, moisturizes and fortifies, preventing breakage and enhancing the natural health of the yarn.


· Inoar Little Vegan Cleansing Cream: 100% vegan formula and organic ingredients, it helps to leave the wires looser for the time to comb, respecting the natural balance and helping to fortify the wires.

· Inoar Little Vegan Moisturizing Cream: With the highly moisturizing properties of vitamin-rich avocado oil, it moisturizes while nourishing the skin.


The project also provides workshops, courses and events, called Horta and Jardim Encantado, aimed at children and their parents, educated by educators; and the comic book magazine release. In addition, part of the profit from the sale of the products will be reverted to social projects related to childhood.

About Inoar

Inoar Cosméticos brings the essence of its founders in its DNA: the creation of innovative products through the unique look of Inocência Manoel, Director of Marketing and Creation, and the administration of Alexandre Nascimento’s businesses. Inoar a brand of cosmetics inspired by various types of people, with innovation, cutting edge technology and the know-how of those who understands the needs of professionals and end consumers. In May 2018, Inoar Europe was inaugurated with a Technical and Training Center for distributors and professional hairdressers based in Lisbon, Portugal.

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Three pillars guide Inoar’s product development work; respect for the individual, respect for the environment and respect for animals.


For the founder of the brand, Innocence Manoel, “creating and disseminating ethical procedures adds to the consumer’s search for more information about the impact of ingredients on life, the environment and animals.”


According to Euromonitor, the production process and the socio-environmental impact of the products they consume also drive the search for a more natural and sustainable lifestyle. A recent study by Kantar Worldpanel shows that more than 50% of consumers prefer natural products, whether organic, therapeutic or herbal, non-sulfate or non-polluting.


All new Inoar products have been created with this philosophy and are 100% vegan, ie: they are not tested on animals and do not contain ingredients of animal origin. In addition, the company has been working on free compositions of silicones, parabens or synthetic preservatives, seeking, more and more, botanical ingredients, as in the launches of the Natural Collection line, which also use aspects of aromatherapy, and the Vegan line, which marked the positioning of the company in 2015 and now gets new packaging, plus new items.


“Since 2015 the compositions have undergone a review and are being reformulated to have an increasingly green Inoar, throughout the production chain,” says Innocence Manoel.


The company has been working to have more and more recyclable packaging, biodegradable formulas and raw materials with natural ingredients. All products undergo tests, but never in animals and Inoar uses in its formulations ingredients of vegetable origin – not animal. This has led Inoar to join the PETA list of “cruelty free” and “vegan” companies since 2016, using the NGO seal on their packaging.


“Green has always been our essence, much more than our color. Creating products with botanical ingredients, natural and cruelty free is not a trend, but an attitude that says a lot about our values, “adds the businesswoman.


About Inoar

Inoar Cosméticos, a Brazilian company that is a reference in the national and international market, brings in its DNA the essence of its founders: the creation of innovative products through the unique look of Innocence Manoel, Director of Marketing and Creation, and the management of Alexandre Nascimento’s businesses. Inoar a brand of cosmetics inspired by various types of people, with innovation, cutting edge technology and the know-how of those who understands the needs of professionals and end consumers.

The twenty-first century brought a great change of principles to society. People are becoming more aware of the nature of what they consume. This makes them seek to understand the origin of the items consumed in the day to day. With this awareness, we highlight the vegan movement, potentialized in food customs.

The cosmetic world was not far behind and brought options to make vegan products. The market, today, offers a diversity of items that bring natural, vegan and cruelty free elements in its composition. But there is still great doubt in the definition of these denominations. And we are here to clarify them.

First, it is important to understand what each item is. So here we go:

– Vegan: vegan cosmetics are those that do not use components of animal origin in their composition.
– Cruelty Free: cruelty free cosmetics, as the translation itself indicates, are cruelty free. So they do not use animals for testing.

In this way, we can conclude that a product considered vegan, will also be considered cruelty free. But the opposite is not necessarily true. A cruelty-free cosmetic product does not perform its tests on animals, but may have components of animal origin.

To be vegan, the cosmetic is not enough to eliminate from its formulation animal components, but all those that, in some way, they produce. One example, which many cosmetics carry, is beeswax. Thus, to be a vegan, the product must dispense with anything of animal origin.

Another common confusion happens between vegan and natural cosmetics. The difference lies in the fact that natural products do not carry any chemical and synthetic components in their formulation. They are still a little harder to find on the market.

Therefore, it is very important to keep an eye on the composition of the products you buy. Inoar signals all items in your portfolio that have no animal components and do not test them with a rabbit’s nest. Then, attention to the seals that the packages present. They facilitate understanding of the origin of that product.

In recognition of the testing method used by Inoar, the brand entered the PETA list of “cruelty free” companies. PETA, the People’s Association for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is a non-governmental organization founded in 1980, which has more than 2 million members and is dedicated to animal rights. It has as its motto: “Animals are not ours to eat, dress, use in experiments or for entertainment.” Today, all Inoar products are not tested on animals. And the vast majority of the portfolio already receives the vegan seal. But to mark the company’s major change of position in 2016, the brand launched the Vegan line to remind us that we can – and should – choose cosmetics that maintain a relationship of respect with nature and animals. Thus, Inoar continues to build a relation of respect with the animals and the place where it lives. Transforming your lines gradually and making them more natural and beneficial to you, consumer.

Inoar has three pillars that guide all development work and the relationships between employees, suppliers and consumers:


Respect for the individual


Respect for the environment


Respect for animals


With that in mind, we have developed our entire hair and vegan line of dermocosmetics.


But what are vegan cosmetics?


Vegan cosmetics are those that do not contain ingredients of animal origin and that are not tested on animals.


Since tests are not done, how do they do it? How to replace animals with vegetables?


Tests are performed on humans. These are clinical tests that are regulated and accepted by Anvisa.


The substitution of animals for vegetables is given for the ingredients. Some ingredients of animal origin are replaced by vegetable origin. For example keratin, which is of animal origin (extracted from sheep wool, bird feathers, horns or oxen hooves), but may have vegetable origin (obtained from rice, soybeans, wheat or corn).


Is Inoar Vegan?


Inoar has vegan products, but is not considered a vegan company. We share the principle of respect for life and do not tolerate abuses against animals.


Are Vegan Cosmetics the Same as Non-Vegans?


The ingredients of plant origin have a much higher performance.


Where do the products used in Inoar products come from?


We do not use ingredients of animal origin in our shampoos, conditioners, masks and oils.


The technical urea applied in our formulations is a byproduct of the refinement of the chemical industry.


We have standardized a blend of synthetic peptides whose aminogram accurately reproduces the molecular composition of Whey Protein. Thus, our efforts in technology allow us to have all the benefits of this protein of very high biological value without exploring any form of animal life.


Hydrolyzed Keratin: The term hydrolysis refers to the fact that the original protein chain undergoes pH manipulations and enzymatic actions to be broken down and transformed into its most elemental form, the amino acids. This blend of monoamines has nutritional value equivalent to the original protei

Where are the ingredients extracted from?

It depends. For example, we sometimes opt for a soy base because it contains isoflavones that strengthen the health of the scalp. Rice acids favor some types of hair, wheat proteins recompose damaged yarns and so on.

The amino acids used are quaternary monoamines generally obtained from urea and carbon sources such as corn maltodextrins, for example.

How should the names of the ingredients appear on the packaging?

ANVISA legislation recommends that we list the ingredients in the format “INCI Name” which is in fact a huge inventory containing 12 thousand more components, but does not even provide specifications for customized laboratory procedures, such as the synthetic obtaining of proteins.

What are Inoar’s vegan products?

We do not use any animal ingredients and do no animal testing. The only exception is the color in a tube, but it is also not tested on animals. All our shampoos, conditioners, masks, oils, etc. formulas. has been adjusted in recent months to strictly meet the requirements of vegan products and you can find the PETA seal on our packaging. If you still have questions (as there may be products with old packaging), you can contact us directly informing you the status of our production.

What is PETA?

PETA, the People’s Association for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, is a non-governmental organization founded in 1980, which has more than 2 million members and is dedicated to animal rights.

It has as its motto: “Animals are not ours to eat, dress, use in experiments or for entertainment.”

The organization is engaged in the cause of protecting animals from all acts of unnecessary and abusive human exploitation. It applies relentless pressure on large-scale companies that conduct animal research to expose their inhumane laboratory practices.

Inoar proudly is on the PETA list of companies that do not test on animals.

What is the PETA seal for?

The PETA seal is an independent seal that confirms the philosophy and vegan care of a company or social entity. The NGO has a very strong role in the cause, and is always attentive, reporting maltreatment and pointing out who respects the animals.

In addition, Inoar relies on the strength and confidence of its consumers for almost 20 years. The vegan philosophy goes far beyond any graphic element that can be included in a label, since it is a way of existing considering that every living thing feels everything we feel and has the same rights as us.