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Color System

Color System

Product that gives powerful color to your strands.

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Color System is a product line developed with Inoar’s expertise in hair treatments for pre-, during, and post-coloring processes. The products have been formulated for the various stages of colored hair maintenance, using Inoar’s own ingredients to prepare, protect, and maintain color. The ingredients complement each other, and the combined use of the products ensures excellent shine, color, and durability.

For the application, carefully follow the steps described in the package insert

Hydrogen Peroxide

Inoar Color System Oxygenated Water should be used in the preparation of hair coloring and discoloration in the amount indicated in the preparation mode of the product to be used.

Decolorizing Powder

Mix the decolorizing powder with hydrogen peroxide in the proportion indicated on the product label. Note: exclusive professional use.

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All kinds of colored or bleached hair.

This line contains

Coloring bottle 50g, Hydrogen peroxide 80ml e 900ml, Decolorizing powder 300g

Main assets

Argan oil, wheat protein, wheat germ oil

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