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All the benefits of capillary plastic for the absolute wires renewal.

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CicatriFios is the evolution in treatment that offers numerous benefits to an absolutely hair renewed, every day. Its formula, enriched with RejuComplex3, renews, softens, reduces breakage and frizz and it offers progressive volume reduction, for a sealed hair, with extreme brightness, easy brushing and lasting effects.

To prolong the chemical treatments effects, we have the Post-Chemistry CicatriFios. Its highly moisturizing and rebuilding formula keeps the color effect, volume reduction, discoloration and other capillary treatments, to last longer.

Completing the Collection, the Botânico & Vegano CicatriFios has natural formulation, without ingredients of animal origin, and it offers numerous benefits for an absolutely renewed hair, every day.


Apply CicatriFios shampoo to damp hair, massage and rinse. If necessary, repeat the operation.


After washing the hair, apply the CicatriFios conditioner on the wires, massaging. Rinse and finish as you want.


Apply CicatriFios Leave-in over the entire yarn length, with wet or dry hair, before or after using dryer or hair chap. Without rinsing.

Super Ampoule

After washing the hair, remove water excess with a towel, put a suitable amount of product in the palm of the hand and apply wick to wick. Massage and let stand for 2 to 5 minutes. Rinse.

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All Hair Types


Shampoo 240mL, 250mL and 1L, Conditioner 240mL, 250mL and 1L, Mask 1Kg, Leave In 50mL, Super Ampoule 45ml, Post-Chemistry Leave-in 50mL, Botanical & Vegan Leave-in 50mL, Vitamin C Leave-in 50mL

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Rejucomplex3, Argan Oil

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Vegan, Cruelty Free