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Capillary Pyramid

A hair pyramid is a quick way to visualize the care most people should have with their hair. Like a chronogram, that includes all the steps to healthy hair, from frequent to rare treatments. It makes it easier for people that are new to hair care to understand when each regimen is due and keep it on schedule for maintenance. The idea is that some hair treatments might only be needed weekly, monthly, or quarterly, helping with the overall balance goal for each hair type.

Of course, we talked to our trusted team of experts to gather the best hair advice, but we still recommend chatting to your hairstylist, that will adapt the treatments and daily care to your specific hair type.

What should be in your daily care?

The basis of healthy hair comes from the care you have with your strands daily. The daily hydration and protection are essential to make sure they keep their shine. In your daily routine, you should include washing, conditioning, and styling products.

Although you might not wash your hair daily, we recommend daily attention to how your hair feels. Making sure your hair is clean is important to your scalp overall health. Pick the best shampoo for your hair type and make sure to massage as you move the product through the roots. This helps in activating blood circulation with your fingers and keeps blood flowing close to the hair roots.

Rinse hair with cold or warm water thoroughly. Make sure there is no residue left on your strands.

In the next step, conditioning and untangling hair strands, it is very important to only leave the product as long as recommended, on the length of the hair, not the roots. Also, make sure there is no residue left on your strands, so you can apply the appropriate product for styling, like a light oil or a leave-in.

What should be included in your weekly hair routine?

Deep hair hydration is important weekly depending on your hair type. This will maintain your hair shining over time. It’s good to know your products and distinguish between what hydrates, what nourishes, what reconstructs. Alternating the hair masks that help with each of these functions is a great idea.

What should be included in your bi-weekly hair routine?

Some hair treatments are a little deeper and should be done with bigger intervals. For example, oils (that could be used alone or added to hair masks) shouldn’t be done very often. They are great to treat damaged hair, as well as reconstruction hair masks. These more intense treatments are recommended for people that have chemically damaged hair. If you color your hair frequently, these oils and deep masks must be part of your bi-weekly routine to reverse the possible damage.

What should be included in your monthly hair routine?

The monthly routine should be that one day of the month of self-care. Those who color, straighten, bleach, do Brazilian blowouts, or any other chemical treatment often, need to include these days in their schedule. The monthly repair day assures that your hair strands are ready for the next treatment, without losing its shine and healthy appearance.

This monthly day can include heavier hair masks, hot oils, protein treatments, and more.

Capillary Pyeamid Inoar

What is:
A visual guide that aims to guide people towards the maintenance of healthy hair.

For who it serves:

For all types of hair. We know that there is a unique approach to all hair types, so the pyramid offers hair care options that should be chosen according to your hair, associated with good habits and professional tips.

How to use?


The Inoar Hair Pyramid shows us the vital needs of hair:




Daily Care: The base of the pyramid shows us what you can include in your routine:


– to wash


The word shampoo has Indian origin and means ‘massage’. Did you know that there is an ideal way to wash your hair? After choosing the right type of shampoo for your hair (take into account if they are dry, oily, mixed, brittle, etc.), massage the scalp gently with your fingertips without rubbing your nails. The massage activates the blood circulation, favoring the growth of the wires. Use water at low temperature and always rinse thoroughly, removing the product completely from your hair.

-To condition:

The use of the conditioner is very important to untangle the wires. Choose the one best suited for your hair type. The correct amount is proportional to the length of the hair and it should be applied only to the wires, never to the root, after removing the excess water.


There are several finishers to complement your daily care with hair. Leave-In are non-rinse products that should be applied to damp hair before combing. The oils control the frizz and waterproof the hair. They should be used in small quantity and only in the tips. Already the curl finalizers are .

Weekly care: once a week, devote some time to your hair. They appreciate it.

– hydrate

An efficient hair system takes into account 3 fundamental hair steps. Alternate the Hydration, Nutrition and Reconstruction masks to care for your hair according to your routine and have healthy hair every day. Moisturizing is the first step to a care routine. Hydration replenishes water, vital for healthier hair. Nourishing means replenishing the lipids of the wires, so use masks with oils, butters and other components that allow lipids to act on the wires, replenishing their energy. The Reconstruction deposits keratin, proteins, amino acids and minerals in the threads, essential components for the physical structure of the hair. They treat the outer layers of the strands and are responsible for the shine, softness and the natural swing of the strands.

Biweekly care: every 15 days, remember some treatments that will make all the difference to your yarn.

– extra hydration [tips | Inoar masks, Help line]

Hair with chemistry calls for extra hydration. Try mixing an ampule of oil to your mask to boost moisturizing effects.

If your hair is normal or oily, moisturize biweekly.

Monthly Care: Check the calendar – there is always a day in the month when your hair needs more attention.

– lights, wicks, balayages

For those who are fond of the discolored threads, there is nothing like protecting and protecting their color. There are products, such as Arganplex, that protect wires during more aggressive procedures. Use Home Care three days in a row before discoloring, coloring, or straightening.

Agenda of your hair:

Print the image of the hair pyramid with hair care reminders to program your routine to receive alerts on the cell phone.