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Vegan cosmetics: see what are the benefits present in these products

Vegan cosmetics: see what are the benefits present in these products
In recent times, the vegan cosmetics industry has reinvented itself, adapting to a more sustainable and fair world that many want or have already discovered.

With this revolution, cosmetics stores and companies began to increasingly prioritize veganism and produce products without animal testing and without animal origin.

But what are, in fact, vegan products and what are their differentials when compared to other cosmetic products?

Find out now!

What is veganism?
Many believe that veganism is just a sociopolitical movement, but it is much more than that. It's a way of life.

Veganism is based on the assumption that all species that live on the planet are deserving of dignity and respect.

Therefore, those who choose this way of living embrace the idea that there is no justice or sustainability for the natural resources we have on earth. That is why they do not agree that some animal species are exposed and created to satisfy human needs.

In addition, it is entirely possible to replace these foods without cruel production.

Vegans seek to reduce as much as possible the consumption of items that are produced through animal exploitation within their limitations and possibilities, especially in their food, which is the best known modality in veganism.

However, other areas of life such as beauty and aesthetics are also increasingly prioritizing veganism by producing vegan and cruelty free products.

Learn more about vegan cosmetics
Vegan cosmetics are formulated without any animal components. In addition, this being an extremely important point, they are not tested on animals.

There are some certifications that certify if a product is really Cruelty Free and the seal must be present on the packaging of the products, such as the Peta Approved seal that certifies that the products are cruelty-free, aiming at the well-being of every animal.

It is very important that you look at the packaging of the products, verifying that the Peta seal is present.

Why should you opt for vegan cosmetics?
Companies, brands and lines are increasingly embracing the change and revolution brought about by vegan products, as they offer a multitude of benefits to the consumer. Discover some of the benefits offered:

Don’t harm animals
This, without a doubt, is the main advantage presented by vegan cosmetics.

In addition to the sacrifices made to obtain the “right” components of traditional products, animals are also subjected to aggressive cosmetic tests, such as shaving their hair and applying allergens to the eyes.

It is important to remember that this is not necessary, as there are no guarantees that the product that does not present side effects to animals is harmful to humans.

Therefore, vegan cosmetics are the best option for those who want to end animal mistreatment obtained during the testing of cosmetic products.

Traditional products and damage to the body
Even when dealing with cosmetics that are safe to apply, the products can contain substances that, in the long term, can accumulate and damage the hair and skin.

In addition, traditional products have a much greater tendency to trigger allergies.

Vegan cosmetics avoid this type of situation, in addition to benefiting and improving the skin and wires in the long term.

Contribute to sustainability
Much more than a different form of production, veganism is a philosophy that fights for a healthy life and a more sustainable world.

When you opt for vegan cosmetics, you are also contributing to water savings, less deforestation and less occupation of the land that is now occupied by rural properties intended for livestock, harming the soil and increasing atmospheric pollution.

Therefore, opting for vegan cosmetics is a way to boost sustainability and solidarity to change the planet we will leave for future generations.
Vegan, cruelty free, natural and organic products: understand their differences
In the natural cosmetics market, there are a number of options. However, not all of them are really natural and these differences are very important. Meet:

Vegan cosmetic: it does not have any component of animal origin in its formula. In other words, ingredients such as honey, natural collagen that is removed from the skin and cartilage of animals, lanolin, extracted from sheep's wool, milk, beeswax, among others, are not part of vegan cosmetics. Also, they are not tested on animals.

Cruelty Free: in translation, “free from cruelty”. That is, it is not tested on animals, so it does not impose any suffering on them. However, a cruelty free product is not necessarily vegan, because even though it is not tested on animals, it may still contain animal products in its composition.

Natural Cosmetics: these products are made from natural raw materials that, in general, do not harm the health of the user and the environment. For a cosmetic to be considered natural, it must be cruelty free. However, not all natural products are necessarily vegan.

Organic Cosmetics: made from natural components, but with stricter criteria than natural products. It is essential that the ingredients are produced in an organic regime. That is, everything is used in the “recipe” of the product and does not contain pesticides or any type of synthetic chemical.

Fertilizers used in cultivation are always natural and crop rotation and soil health are respected.

With this, the impact caused to the environment is much smaller and still results in higher quality ingredients. As a result of these processes, it is common for organic cosmetics to still have good results in those with skin or scalp allergies.

Like natural cosmetics, organic beauty products need to be cruelty free, but they are not always vegan.

Inoar products are Vegan and Cruelty Free, that is, without animal origin and without animal testing.

Now that you know the importance of vegan cosmetic products, the time has come to do your part, respecting animals and the environment. Opt for vegan cosmetics!

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