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A connection from the past to the future. The Bath to Bath line by Inoar rescues iconic products with high-performance vegan formulations in personal hygiene products for a moment of self-care.

Inoar Cosméticos acquired the Banho a Banho brand in 2021 in an investment of R$12 million in the new line.

Bath to Bath is now part of Inoar's portfolio and the official launch took place on January 15, 2022.

The moment of self-care is all yours and deserves attention. Therefore, the new Inoar Cosméticos line symbolizes this moment, bringing it to its best shape.

Learn more about Inoar's Bath to Bath Line
Body hygiene deserves care and, for that, quality products capable of providing a series of benefits are essential for this moment.

Discover the products that are part of Inoar's Bath to Bath Line:
Baby powder
Inoar's Bath-to-Bath Talc offers protection and freshness by controlling moisture and keeping the skin comfortable, dry, soft and fragrant from one bath to the next. Its technology and vegan formula, without ingredients of animal origin and without animal testing, combines a mild perfume with baking soda, neutralizing odors.

Body moisturizer
The moisturizer provides freshness and softness protection with botanical oils of lavender and rosemary. deodorizes and deeply moisturizes for a day to day with more protection. Its ingredients rebalance the skin's natural barrier and also act on the feelings, bringing relaxation to your moment of self-care.

Body oil
Bath to Bath body oil has an exclusive formula with vegetable oils that penetrate deeply into the skin to leave it nourished, hydrated, soft and fragrant. Its ingredients have antioxidant, regenerating power and rapid absorption, leaving the skin velvety from one bath to the next. It can be used on damp skin and does not need to be rinsed off.

Liquid soap
Developed with botanical oils and 100% vegan ingredients, Bath to Bath liquid soap cleans, perfumes and moisturizes the skin, keeping it fresh from one bath to the next. Its formulation is moisturizing and can be used several times a day. Its packaging is sustainable and uses 85% less plastic, producing less waste when discarded.

antiperspirant deodorant
The Inoar Bath Line has antiperspirant deodorants in the following formats: Cream and Roll-on. Its fragrances were developed to meet all needs, such as: Comfort Poder, Bamboo or without perfume.

Antiperspirants act against the microorganisms responsible for the odor of perspiration, providing confidence and comfort from one shower to the next. Its technology and vegan formula, combines the action of sodium bicarbonate with natural ingredients for maximum safety throughout the day.

It is worth remembering that the entire Banho a Banho de Inoar line is Cruelty free & vegan, without animal origin and without animal testing.

Now you can have your moment of self-care, ensuring a much more comfortable day to day.

Summer has arrived and with it the desire to travel to the beach and have amazing days in a pool. However, it is very important that you do not fail to take care of the health of your hair.

The salt in the sea water, as well as the chlorine in the pool and the high temperatures in the summer are factors that cause the hair to dry out, leaving them dry and lifeless.

Therefore, care at this time of year needs to be redoubled, for the skin and hair.

Here are some tips for taking care of your hair in the summer and learn how to keep them beautiful in one of the most awaited seasons.

How to keep your hair healthy in summer?
In summer, several factors can cause damage to the wires when there is not the correct care. UVA and UVB rays cause the hair to lose its keratin, oxidizing and destroying the hair, losing its color and leaving it dry.

When there is excess sun exposure, even the scalp can burn and flake,

In addition, the wind causes knots that are difficult to remove, causing the threads to break. Already the salt, opens the cuticle, leaving them hardened and without shine, because it removes all the water present in the hair.

As a result, the hair becomes damaged and frizzy.

To prevent this from happening, it is important that you follow some tips:
Use a good leave-in
Leave-in can be applied after showering. The product forms a film on the wire, helping to protect it. It is very important that the product is used away from the root. The leave-in is also indicated to go to the beach or pool, always before entering the water.

Opt for leave-in with vegetable oils such as coconut and argan.

To keep your hair beautiful, use the Leave-in Blends, developed from the vitamin C complex, plus a blend of botanical and vegan oils especially for dry hair.

If you finish your hair with styling cream, the Blends Line is also a great option. Its combination of coconut, avocado and argan oils penetrates deeply into the hair, offering high hydration, intense shine, softness and malleability.

Moisturise to keep your wires healthy
Instant and overnight wetting is one of the best options for those who want to keep their hair healthy in the summer.

It is a treatment carried out with vegetable oils and aims to nourish the wires and restore the necessary oiliness, recovering the wires damaged by heat.

Argan Oil and Inoar Coconut Oil are ideal for moistening. Argan has multiple hydrating and disciplining functions that make fragile or dry hair silky.

Coconut oil is rich in lipids and fatty acids. It has emollient and highly nourishing properties. In addition, it is one of the few vegetable oils that can penetrate the hair and scalp, allowing deep hydration of the hair.

Now that you know how to keep your hair healthy in the summer, it's time to enjoy the season and renew your energy.

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Hair frizz is uncomfortable for many women who can't control the hairs that insist on getting frizzy.

Even though this is not a problem, it can cause discomfort for those who do not give up aligned wires. But did you know that it is possible to reduce the frizz of your hair?

First of all, it's very important that you know that the biggest cause of frizz is dry strands. Therefore, keeping your hair hydrated is essential to avoid them. Check out now some tips on how to keep your hair in place, having healthy and much prettier hair.

How to eliminate frizz from hair?
A few tips can be the solution to avoid or eliminate the dreaded frizz. The good news is: all options can be done at home. That way, you won't have to spend a lot of money and still have the hair you've always wanted. Follow up!
Hydrate during the bath
Even those shampoos that have a moisturizing action need a conditioner or a moisturizing mask so that the hair remains healthy.

The shampoo does all the removal of impurities, in addition to residues and excess oil. Therefore, even with its moisturizing action, shampoo alone is not able to replenish all the nutrients.

The conditioner provides hydration in a smooth way, making the hair soft and shiny without weighing it down.

For those who have thick or normal hair and do some type of chemical, it is very beneficial to use a mask regularly, concentrating the actives of the conditioner with more intensity, promoting the intense revitalization of the strands and reducing frizz.

Untangle your hair correctly
Few people know, but there is a right way to untangle the strands and this can make all the difference in the appearance of frizz.

To avoid frizz, straight hair should be styled while still wet, as it is a way of not raising frizz in this type of strand, keeping it healthy and without the frizzy appearance feared by everyone.

Dry the wires correctly
Drying the strands correctly also helps not to leave goose bumps. First, it is necessary to use a microfiber towel or even a cotton shirt to remove excess water from the threads without rubbing them more than necessary.

Because it's a gentler fabric, they don't stimulate frizz like a normal towel. After that, apply the thermal protector to discipline the strands and protect the fiber from the heat of the dryer and flat iron, preventing the hair from becoming dry.

To use the dryer, it is important to direct the jet from the roots to the ends, stimulating the trim and aligning the cuticles correctly so that they are sealed and do not absorb the moisture that causes the frizz.
Use good products
Products used during the bath are able to improve the health and appearance of the hair by allowing a continuous treatment of the strands with each wash.

To control frizzy hair, the best investment is in products with a disciplining and moisturizing action to treat dryness and repair damage to the fiber, preventing the formation of frizz.

The Inoar Thermoliss Line is a great option for those who want to get rid of the dreaded frizzy hairs. With shampoo, conditioner and defrizz, the line is ideal for frizzy and undisciplined hair with or without chemicals.

Its formula with Vegetable Keratin, Cysteine, Pro-Vitamin B5 and Argan Oil create a film around the hair, controlling frizz, promoting and enhancing the smooth effect while protecting from excessive heat from boards and dryers. Ideal for all hair types.

Now that you know how to eliminate frizz, it's time to take care of your hair.

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We know that maintaining a care routine to have healthy hair is very important. That's because the sun, rain, pollution and even chemical procedures compromise hair health.

But it is possible to carry out an efficient treatment to recover the strands without leaving the house: the hair schedule.

It is an intense care method capable of meeting all your hair needs.
What is capillary schedule?
The capillary schedule is routinely performed on hair care that intersperses three main treatments, namely: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction.

Each of the steps provides a specific solution for the threads damaged by the aforementioned factors. The hairline schedule is suitable for all hair types. When treatments are interspersed it is possible to completely restore hair health.

Learn more about each of the steps:

Moisturizing your hair is the best known treatment, because whenever we talk about hair care, it is the first option that comes to our minds.

The procedure is responsible for replacing the essential moisture we lose daily. So, when you maintain a hydration routine, the possibility of dry strands is low and healthy strands are guaranteed.

Among the main hydration assets are:

Functional amino acids, regenerating the hair fiber;
Aloe, moisturizing, regenerating and helping to combat hair loss;
Coconut Oil, rich in Vitamins E and Fatty Acid;
Olive Butter, deeply moisturizes;
D-Panthenol provides long-lasting hydration.
Curly and frizzy strands tend to have greater dryness, as their curvature makes the scalp oils reach the ends. Therefore, hair nutrition is among the most suitable treatments.

The procedure replenishes the hair's lipids, that is, the fats produced by the sebaceous glands of the scalp, providing a protective layer on the hair, leaving them soft, shiny and with aligned cuticles.

Therefore, the nutrition process is the best way to ensure that the hair remains hydrated and healthy.

You can perform nutrition in three ways:

Nourishing mask - creams formulated with oils and butters that quickly replenish the strands' oiliness and can vary from 2 to 5 minutes.

Wetting with vegetable oil - this procedure is performed with an oil bath on the threads before being washed. Acting for 30 minutes, the hair can be washed normally.

Nocturnal moistening - suitable for very dry hair. It consists of applying oils to “dirty” hair and leaving it on overnight. The next day, the threads can already be washed.

When your hair is brittle, porous and thin, mainly due to the action of chemicals, the best way to treat it is to restore the hair fiber, and the reconstruction procedure is the most indicated. The reconstruction replenishes the hair's protein, especially Keratin.

This is the most powerful step in the hair schedule and should be done based on the hair's real needs.

It is very important to remember that only extremely damaged and elastic strands should go through the reconstruction step every week. Otherwise, only every 15 days is the most suitable.
How to set up your capillary schedule?
The capillary schedule must be assembled after performing the hair porosity test. This can be done at home, using just a glass of water.

It's simple. You just need to put a hair in the glass of water and observe:

If your hair floats, it needs hydration;
If it stays in the middle of the glass (neither floats nor sinks), nutrition is the best option;
If your hair sags, the strands are in need of rebuilding.
If your hair needs hydration, your calendar should be set up as follows:

1st week - Hydration, Nutrition and Hydration.
2nd week - Nutrition, Hydration and Reconstruction
3rd week - Hydration, Nutrition and Hydration
4th week - Nutrition, Hydration and Reconstruction
If your hair needs nourishment, your calendar should be set up as follows:

1st week - Nutrition, Reconstruction and Hydration
2nd week - Hydration, Nutrition and Hydration
3rd week - Nutrition, Hydration and Nutrition
4th week - Hydration, Reconstruction and Hydration
If your hair needs rebuilding, your calendar should be assembled as follows:

1st week - Reconstruction, Hydration and Nutrition
2nd week - Hydration, Nutrition and Hydration
3rd week - Reconstruction, Hydration and Nutrition
4th week - Hydration, Reconstruction and Hydration
Discover the Doctor de Inoar line
The Doctor de Inoar line is a treatment system created to carry out the hair schedule. It is a sequence of treatments that offer hydration, nutrition and reconstruction for totally healthy hair. Treatment can be done at home and according to your needs and routine.

The kit consists of shampoo, conditioner, and three masks: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction.

Now you can have the hair of your dreams without having to leave the house. Ready to start a hair schedule and have healthy hair?

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Did you know that moisturizing your hair is just as important as moisturizing your skin? That’s because, just as our skin needs water to stay healthy and beautiful, so do our strands.

Replacing the lost keratin and proteins is essential, however, our hair does not always receive the attention it deserves.

We know that the constant hydration of the hair provides more

smoothness and silkiness. Plus, it’s a great way to eliminate the dreaded frizz.

Our yarns have a natural protection. Oil is produced by the sebaceous glands, reducing moisture loss. However, factors such as sea water, pollution, swimming pool and sun damage this protection.

The big secret to having healthy, hydrated and beautiful hair is to maintain a frequency of care.

Learn to efficiently moisturize your hair

Having hydrated hair is a simple process and can be done at home with professional masks that can be found easily. Therefore, there are no excuses for not hydrating the strands. Check out these tips:

Use vegetable oil to seal in hydration

As already mentioned, hydration serves to replace the water lost by the hair. However, if the hair is too dry, it will have the unwanted dry look again. So it is important that you prevent this from happening.

When you use Argan Oil after hydration, you keep the hair nourished longer.

Another tip is to follow the hairline schedule, which repairs hair damage with a care routine by hydrating, nourishing and restoring the strands. The Inoar Doctor line is a great option for the process.

Avoid washing your hair with hot water.
We know that on cold days washing your hair with hot water is inevitable. However, this process causes the hair to dry out. This happens because high temperatures open the hair cuticles and favor the loss of natural oil.

Therefore, washing the strands with cold or lukewarm water, on the coldest days, is ideal to maintain the hair’s beauty and shine.

Use specific products
With the range of options on the market, sometimes we end up choosing products wrongly and the result does not come out as desired. Therefore, it is very important to know which ones are recommended by professionals.

He will show you the right product and even a treatment, if your case requires it.

Hydration masks are essential

For a qualified result, it is very important to use proper masks. They must be developed with the objective of deeply hydrating and helping to maintain the hair fibers, as is the case with Inoar Mask, with a formulation of Keratin Complex, Macadamia and Wheat Proteins, which recomposes the hair’s proteins.

Now that you know the importance of keeping your hair hydrated, it’s time to get your hands dirty and take care of your hair.

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To have silky, healthy hair there is no magic. Regardless of your hair type, whether straight, curly, frizzy, oily or dry, some rules are essential for hair care.

In addition to performing regular hydration, the replacement of nutrients in hair that undergo chemical processes and that suffer aggressions caused by flat iron and curling iron is a process that must be performed frequently. Therefore, choosing the correct shampoo is essential.

So, now you will understand which shampoo is right for your hair type and you will know how to make it healthy and shiny.

What is your hair type?
Each type of hair requires different care so that the strands remain healthy. That’s why choosing the right shampoo for your hair is crucial to having the strands you want. Understand:

Straight hair
The ideal shampoo for this type of hair is one that provides a gentle cleaning and controls oiliness. If your hair is straight, but with dry and dry strands, the most suitable are nutrition and hydration treatments.

If your hair is chemically treated, opt for a specific shampoo, but one that does not have aggressive formulas and that take care of the strands density, avoiding brittle and porous ends, as is the case with Inoar’s Powder Progress.

The line has Shampoo and conditioner formulated on the basis of powerful and high-tech actives such as polyquaternary and creatine, providing the recovery of damaged strands and protein mass and D-Panthenol, which reduces the formation of split ends, leaving your hair beautiful and smooth for much longer. Indicated for chemically treated hair, it maintains the health and color of the strands between the progressive brushes.

Natural straights or smoothes also need frizz care. Therefore, you need to choose the best option, such as Argan Infusion Smooth and Silky.

The Argan Infusion Smooth and Silky line is formulated with argan oil, jasmine and panthenol, which deeply hydrate, regenerate and promote anti-frizz wetting, aligning the hair cuticles for an increasingly smooth result. With balanced and controlled pH in sulfates.

wavy hair
Wavy hair can vary a lot depending on the type of finish you make. If you like more volume, products that loosen the hairs from the root are the best option. Plus, a conditioner capable of moisturizing waves and curls is also a great way to make your hair look just the way you want it. Finishers that give that extra shine to hair are essential.

See some Inoar options to leave your curls defined, healthy and with incredible curves:

Herbal Solution – Based on herbal extract, Herbal Solution brings a neutral formula, for daily use, for all hair types. Its ingredients promote cleaning and purification of the scalp and strands without drying out. Inoar Herbal Solution can be used even on chemically-containing hair without damaging it. Helps balance hydration, maintaining hair health, lightness and softness.

Rejutherapy – With a blend formulated from Hyaluronic Acid + Zinc + Biotin + Vegetal Collagen, Rejutherapy® provides 5 Great Benefits for the beauty of

your hair: fills the hair fiber, regenerates the threads, seals cuticles, reduces breakage, contributes to growth.

More Love, Less Sodium – More Love, Less Sodium is formulated with Tribulus Terrestris, a herb rich in Vitamin C and a source of saponins, and Banana Flower Oil, a natural source of potassium. This combination replaces sodium and promotes cleansing of the scalp, offering more health to the hair, leaving it loose, soft and shiny.

Curly hair
Curly hair has some variations and they receive nomenclatures: 4a, 4b and 4c. 4y curls have a spiral shape with more defined curls. 4b have narrower, tighter curls. Hair classified as 4c, on the other hand, has tighter spirals.

For each type of curly hair, there are specific cares, as they tend to be drier at the ends.

Hydration and nutrition is a process that must be performed frequently on frizzy hair. Shampoos should be applied to the roots so as not to dry out the ends.

Curly hair
Curly hair is classified as 3a, 3b and 3c. The main difference between them is the distance between one lap and another. But they all have whorls of curls.

It is very important that you bet on specialized products for curls, keeping your hydration up to date and defining your curves.

A powerful leave-in is also able to texture the hair, as well as heat shields to prevent heat damage.

Divine Curls – With 100% vegan formula, Inoar Divine Curls is a line created especially for those with wavy, curly or frizzy hair. The products clean and moisturize the threads without weighing and without accumulating components, maintaining the effectiveness of cleaning, nutrition and health.

Memory of curls for hours, thanks to an active extracted from the seed of golden flax, with flexibility and no frizz.

Afro Vegan – Vegan product with shea butter, a powerful moisturizer that leaves hair manageable, and castor oil, rich in vitamin E, minerals and with anti-bacterial properties, which nourishes, hydrates, restores nutrients, seals the hair cuticles and leaves hair soft and shiny, also stimulating curl growth.

Meu Cacho, Meu Crush – With ingredients that penetrate deep into the hair fiber, restoring the strands. From pre-shampoo to styling cream, the products were created for hair of all curvatures, valuing each one of them. Released for Low Poo, No Poo and Co Wash techniques.

Botanic – The line contains castor oil in its formulation, an ingredient famous for helping in the healthy growth of hair, thanks to its antioxidant properties, omega 6 and omega 9, in addition to vitamin E and macadamia, which helps protect the scalp against rays UV, wind, pollution, flat iron, dryer and chemicals. Ideal for all hair types, the Botanic hairline protects and restores moisture and shine to damaged strands.

Dry hair
Dry hair needs a lot of hydration so that the strands regain their shine, removing the opaque aspect. Therefore, in addition to shampoos for this type of hair, moisturizing masks are essential, as well as moisturizing ampoules and moisturizing conditioners. Some Inoar products ideas for dry yarns:

Argan Oil System – Powerful source of hair beauty. Its multiple moisturizing and disciplining functions transform fragile or dry strands into silky ones, with a healthy appearance and a delicious touch. Shampoo, conditioner, mask and leave-in return softness and treat all types of hair. The line also has the first national argan oil, which reduces frizz, leaving the strands much more hydrated.

Vegan – The products of the Inoar Vegan line are formulated with vegetable, coconut and olive oils, which penetrate deep into the hair fiber, taking care of the hair with maximum performance that hydrates, provides softness and intense shine.

chemically treated hair
Chemical procedures can damage the threads significantly. Therefore, care needs to be redoubled. If your hair goes through processes such as coloring, the ideal is to have a shampoo aimed at maintaining and nourishing the color. If your hair is blonde, shades are recommended.

Treatments such as straightening or permanent, on the other hand, also need care and this can be done with products that prolong the effect of the chemical while nourishing the root. See some examples:

Absolut Daymoist – With maximum emollient power and ultra-moisturizing action, Inoar Absolut Daymoist promotes intense conditioning and shine, recovers suppleness, restores and protects hair damaged by heat and prevents color fading.

CicatriFios Loiro Perfeito – The Cicatrifios Loiro Perfeito line works to correct the yellowing of the strands, from the first use. Its exclusive formula with Rejucomplex3, Centaurea Cyanus and Azulene (botanical ingredients with purple pigments) and balanced pH eliminates the devitalized aspect, reinforces the tone of the strands and deeply hydrates, leaving the hair color uniform and with intense shine with each use.

Now that you know how to take care of your hair, the time has come to have the right products for hydrated, silky and shiny strands.

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Hair has always been much more than a part of our body. It represents many things that we live and fight for. It’s amazing how, today, we can change and do what we want with it, in fact, we really defend this freedom of everyone having the right to express themselves through its threads. In the week we celebrate Black Consciousness Day, we also celebrate the hairs that represent this color, this race and a whole history. Using natural hair may seem simple, but not quite. A good part of black women spend a good part of their lives smoothing and hiding their curls. Taking them on is a recent achievement. Curly hair is the majority in Brazil. Research indicates that they represent at least 51.4% of the population, reaching the rate of 70% in another study. These data are added to the research carried out on the internet. Google recently announced that searches for curly hair surpassed the search for straight hair for the first time in Brazil. The growth is more than expressive: an increase of 232%. Interest in Afro hair has risen 309% in recent years.

Why is afro hair a symbol of struggle?

November 20 was the date chosen to celebrate the Black Consciousness in order to honor the quilombola leader Zumbi dos Palmares, considered a symbol of resistance in the country’s black history. The Black Consciousness raises several questions about the role of black people in society and, of course, aesthetic standards are part of this agenda. For this reason, the capillary transition has become an example of black empowerment, as it is seen by many as a way of assuming its roots, rediscovering its real and natural beauty. Understand more about hair transition Hair transition is a process that has become very common. However, few know what it can mean. Many women regain their high self-esteem, in addition to being a form of rediscovery. The term is given to the process that removes any chemical from the hair until it is completely natural. This is not just an aesthetic change, but also a form of acceptance and personal discovery. It is very important to remember that it is not necessary to change your hair to identify with someone or something. The process is critical for you to feel good about yourself.

How to make the hair transition an easier process?

We know that the hair transition process can be quite complicated, after all, arranging hair with a curly root and smooth ends can be quite exhausting and disheartening. However, some products can help you: Divine Curls – is the best option for your curls to come back with everything. That’s because its exclusive formulation activates the memory of the strands for hours due to the active extracted from the golden flax seed and collagen, leaving the hair flexible and frizz-free. Resistance Flower of Lotus – promotes intense repair, softness and restores the hair. Its formula has lotus flower and plant collagen. The product is light and therefore it is very suitable for those who wear braids at this time, as it leaves less residue. In the hair transition phase, it is very important that you use lighter shampoos and collagen-rich products. Whenever you wash your hair with Resistance Flower of Lotus, dry it with a dryer at a warm temperature. Now that you know more about hair transition and how far this process goes beyond aesthetics, it’s time to start a big change in your hair. Did you like our content? Then follow our social networks and stay on top of all the news from INOAR!

Multifunctional products gain more and more space in our routine. The idea of ​​decreasing the amount of items in your bathroom has led some people to more often look for products that can be used in a variety of ways and are beneficial to different parts of the body.

Although skin and hair have very different aspects, the similarity between the proteins that make up the two structures is great. Therefore, it is safe to say that moisturizers that benefit the skin may very well favor the hair and vice versa, just use the appropriate formulation.

Thinking of this multifunctionality, Inoar created one of these wild-type formulations and developed the Natural Collection Hair & Body. Its foam enriched with moisturizing agents acts as a medium cleansing shampoo for the hair, but also performs, very well, the role of Bath Gel and Foam Depilation and Beard. This all combined with an aromocological perfume (aramacologia brings positive feelings along with the perfume that we feel) that benefits everything around you.

The brand anticipated the multifunctional trend with the Kálice line. The line with 7 precious vegetable oils (jasmine, argan, myrrh, macadamia, ojon, sweet almonds and rosemary) is able to provide moisturizing, nourishing, repair and antioxidant function, softening, protective and emollient, with light touch and a exclusive. Its multifunctional oil can be used on the skin and hair for several functions: hair drying, waxing, body moisturizing, mixed to makeup or primer and make-up remover.

Recently, the multifunctional shampoo Kálice was elected by the editors of the American magazine Hola! as the best product in The Most Diverse category, receiving the Best In Beauty 2018 seal. Shampoo goes beyond cleaning and is capable of moisturizing, regenerating, softening and protecting all types of hair.

#Abstract Tip

To make your bath a true SPA procedure, make a strong basil tea, let it crush and pour over the body after bathing with Natural Collection Hair & Body. The blend of the aromas of tea and orange blossom present in the product are all about and leave you with a unique and energizing perfume.

Another tip is to combine the multifunctional oil and kálice mask after using Natural Collection Hair & Body. Perfumes complement each other and functions as well. Especially if your wires have already undergone chemical / discoloration.

Those who are trained in the composition of the products they use and love to take care of the tresses are more familiar with the question: “Is it released?”. But who is not very connected in the formulation of products may not know what that means. So we are here to clarify everything.

It is no secret that many people confuse foam with the cleaning factor. Whether it’s bath time or any other time in our daily lives, the foam is still associated with deep cleaning. What not everyone knows, is that to make all the foam, the products need cleaning agents, the sulphates, which are mostly aggressive to the hair by removing the natural layer of protection from the wires. And even worse, it may contain other components to mask the effects they provide, petrolatums and silicones.

Because of this, many people have begun to opt for products that do not carry such components. In this way they adhered to Low Poo, No Poo and Co Wash techniques. That is, when someone asks if a shampoo or conditioner is released, it is referring to the presence of sulfates, petrolates and silicones in the composition. Only products that do not have these components can be used for the techniques.

Easy, no !? But now the question that strikes is: what is the difference between these techniques?

Low Poo

Low Poo is a technique that uses shampoo without aggressive sulfates, insoluble silicones and petroleum derivatives in the wash. Thus, to perform the method, it is necessary to replace the shampoos containing substances that are aggressive to the hair by removing the natural protective layer from the wires. In addition, you need to remove the petrolatums that can be harmful to your hair over time.

No poo

Unlike the Low Poo technique, No Poo is a technique that does not use shampoo for washing. Thus, it uses cleansing balms without insoluble silicones and petrolates in the composition. Among the adepts, many are curly and curly also because of the sensitivity of the threads.

Co wash

The Co Wash procedure consists of washing the hair with conditioners. Therefore, the term is closely linked to the practice of No Poo. For Co Wash, it is necessary that the conditioners have no sulfates, petrolatums, mineral oils, petroleum jelly, liquid paraffin or insoluble silicones in the composition.

Are you adept at techniques? Do you use our products for Low Poo, No Poo and / or Co Wash? Tell us about your experience!

Want to know more about these techniques and how they came about?

Every bunch knows the importance of products to finalize their wires. And some are among the darlings for a definite and powerful bunch. This is the case for combing cream and leave-in. But few understand its particularities.

It is common to associate the use of a combing cream with curly hair. This happens, because this type of curvature usually needs some product to facilitate the release of the wires. But this is not the only function of using this product. It also helps, especially if allied to the leave-in and activator of curls, the alignment and definition of the wires. Therefore, the item is usually on the shelves of curly, curly and curly.

Thus, the combing cream shows itself as a great ally when it comes to defining the curls. Because they are more dry, due to the fact that the oil has more difficulty reaching the ends of the hair, the threads need products that return this nutrition, becoming more defined.

In some cases, the combing cream is not able to align the wires as it is so desired. So, in an attempt to tame the frizz of the hair, sometimes we are tempted to leave a little mask or conditioner even after the rinse. Remember that this is not the right choice, because some components and even pH of these products do not predict they stay on the wires for more than 30 minutes.

For these cases, in which dehydration and frizz persist even after treatment or extra help is required to model the wires, leave-in is used. If your hair needs only moisturizing, you can use traditional lines and Inoar brings many options for you, such as variations of the CicatriFios line.

But if you realize that, in addition to moisturizing, you need to model curls or define curls, My Cacho comb, My Crush is the best one. This is because, this formulation contains not only the latest in moisturizing agents, but also a gel of curls integrated to the formula of the cream, guaranteeing definition of the curvatures.

#Abstract Tip

Make a mix with a few drops of the solution for skin and hair Rejupantenol to increase the time of definition of your curls. Making them look brighter and more beautiful.