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Double cleansing has been gaining ground in Brazilian nursing routine

If you have not heard about double cleansing, Inoar explains the concept that will help your facial cleansing routine. Translated freely as Double Cleaning or Double Cleaning, the double cleansing procedure involves the use of two distinct types of products for skin hygiene and has become very popular in the last year.

We know how difficult it is to remove a more elaborate makeup with only water. Scrubbing a lot of the face can cause a reaction on some people’s skin. So, how about facilitating this process? With the prior application of some oil, preferably vegetable oils, sanitizing can be facilitated. The oils work as softeners of the particles that weigh on the skin, aiding in the withdrawal with water and facial soap.

Thus, double cleansing consists of two very simple steps. The first is the application of oil. After this, a facial cleanser completes the cleansing, which should be finished with plenty of water and drying with a soft towel so as not to injure your skin.

Oily skin and double cleansing

People who have oily skin do not even like to hear the word oil and often take the product out of the bag. But you do not have to be afraid to do the double cleansing. This is because all the oil that is applied as the first step of the sanitization is removed with facial soap and plenty of water.

Double Cleansing Step by Step

Apply a small amount of oil to the face. We indicate the multifunctional oil Kálice, composed of 7 precious vegetable oils for the skin and hair. It is not necessary to wash the face before the procedure.

Massage the area with circular movements until you notice the release of substances, such as makeup, from the skin.

Wash your face with plenty of water. It is important to remove all the oil from the region. Attention to the temperature of the water, ideally it is warm.

Apply a little Inoar Facial Soap in your hands, making foam, and perform circular movements, massaging the skin of the face for a few minutes. Rinse thoroughly.

When it dries, press a soft towel on the face a few times. It is important not to rub.

TIP: You can finish the process by applying the Inoar Micelar Water to soften your skin with its highly purifying properties and thermal water.

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