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Solidary Beauty Successfully Completes 2019

Inoar Cosmetics social project follows actions aligned with UN Global Compact

The Solidarity Beauty project, created by Inocence Manoel, co-founder of Inoar Cosmetics, has benefited thousands of people since its inception in 2010. For nine years, the project has reinforced the company’s commitment to helping residents of disadvantaged communities build their own skills, generating more and more knowledge every day.

“For me, this project is the realization of a dream that has come true. It motivates me to see these needy women who felt discouraged, out of horizons and lacking in self-esteem with new expectations. In addition to raising self-esteem, actions promote the opportunity for them to learn about a career, a profession and have their own business,” emphasizes Innocence.

With over $ 3 million in investments, being $ 300,000 in 2019 alone, the Solidary Beauty positively impacts employability.

Aiming at improving the living conditions of hundreds of people and families, the project operates on several fronts, and its actions are in line with the UN Sustainable. Development Goals (SDGs):

SDG 1 – Poverty eradication – through partnerships in social and economic projects. support to non-governmental organizations; winter clothing campaign; support to social projects; training courses.

ODS 3 – Health and well-being – through collaboration with non-governmental institutions in the care of the elderly, promoting cancer and chronic disease prevention actions.

ODS 4 – Quality Education – through training courses for the elderly. men and women with quality technical and vocational education.

ODS 5 – Gender equality – through support and volunteering in projects for women.

ODS 6 – Drinking water and sanitation – through the construction of an artesian well in the Nelson Mandela settlement, benefiting about 60 people with drinking water.

ODS 10 – Reduction of inequalities – through technical training provided in the project.

ODS 15 – Terrestrial life – through support to animal welfare NGOs.

OSD 16 – Peace, Justice and Effective Institutions – by empowering women in socially vulnerable situations.

In 2019, the project brought together incredible actions, even in terri- international report. Check out the main ones:

Mandela Day in South Africa
In 3 years Inoar South Africa has been developing a social project for street children. To keep them busy, and out of trouble after they return from school, Shoki Richard Ndaba, a local Inoar partner who has been working in the ethnic hair market since 2012, started activities at an Academy where he could not only train these kids by teaching football, but also discipline, so that they can focus and have goals in life. On Mandela Day 2019, a day to celebrate Nelson Mandela’s life and an invitation for people to reflect on the importance of helping others, striving for equality between people and for a more generous world, one of the teams in the country’s big league, Kaela Football Team, agreed to play against our Inoar Zikode Soccer Teams on July 20th. The action has been a great honor for these kids, who have been training hard and waiting for a day like this, where they can finally play against a great team. In uniform with the green shirts of Inoar, they faced their first match.

Bazar Charity of the NGO Florescer, in Paraisópolis, São Paulo (SP)
On April 4, NGO Florescer, an association founded by businesswoman Nadia Bacchi (mother of actress Karina Bacchi) received Inoar cosmetic kits, donated by the Solidarity Beauty project, to a bazaar. The event was held to raise funds for the reconstruction of a wall in the back of the space, which is in the community of Paraisópolis, in São Paulo. Due to heavy rains in March, part of the site gave way.The NGO Florescer serves about 300 children with tutoring, arts and vocational courses. The bazaar was held for a month, selling Inoar clothing, shoes and cosmetics.

Delivery of diplomas from the “Professional Barber” course at the Beauty Fair 2019
Beauty Solidarity awarded the diploma to the 50 new graduates of the “Professional Barber – Basic Level” training course. ”This year on September 8th, during the Beauty Fair 2019. With an 80-hour workload, the training is aimed at men who wish to work in the male beauty segment. The initiative is from businesswoman Innocence Manoel, aligned with international industry indicators.Action at Lar dos Velhos de Assis (SP) In October this year, Beleza Solidária held an action at SSVP’s Lar dos Velhos de Assis. The work brought beauty and hygiene products to the old people, enabling the charity home to save money to provide an even better quality of life for its patients. Event for Ong SOS Pets in Assis (SP) For years, the passion of the co-founder Innocence Manoel by the “four-legged friends” motivates support for related causes such as cruelty free, which applies to non-animal tested beauty and hygiene products.

Action at the Old House of Assis (SP)
In October this year, the Solidarity Beauty held an action in SSVP’s Lar dos Velhos de Assis. The work brought beauty and hygiene products to the elderly, enabling the charitable home to save money to provide an even better quality of life for its patients.

Event for Ong SOS Pets, in Assis (SP)
For years, co-founder Innocence Manoel’s passion for “four-legged friends” has motivated support for related causes such as cruelty free, which applies to untested animal beauty and hygiene products. Aiming to further strengthen this fight, the brand participated in a pet-friendly night in Assis (SP) on October 18, organized by Ong SOS Pets activists and volunteers. At the time, Inoar donated products for sweepstakes among those present. All the money raised at the event was intended to pay for care already performed at veterinary clinics to stray animals and at risk in the region.

Beauty Day for AVCCA patients in Assis (SP)
On November 19th, the project promoted an exclusive “Beauty Day” for patients of the Assisi Cancer Voluntary Association (AVCCA), an institution located in the interior city of São Paulo. Professional Don Canuto, instructor of the project’s “Barber Course”, was responsible for the action, along with six of his students. In total 50 people were served. At the time, Inoar contributed branded products to be used during the event, and made available the professionals who were responsible for the aesthetic procedures. In addition, at the end of the event, all patients brought an Inoar Cosmetics beauty kit home.

Donation of artesian well for settlement in the municipality of Iepê (SP)
Recently, Beauty Solidarity donated in November 2019 an artesian well for the Nelson Mandela Settlement, located in the municipality of Iepê, São Paulo State. Amid difficulties with water supply at the site, Ana Maria Moraes, owner of the subdivision that houses 50 families, made an appeal to the Solidarity Beauty. Until then, the property had only one reservoir.

Solidarity Beauty Project
Founded by Innocence Manoel, Beauty Solidarity is an Inoar brand project created to empower people from different communities, in Brazil and abroad, and is also focused on the recovery of women’s identities and their empowerment. With courses offered to the low-income population, and various itinerant actions, the initiative aims to offer society a path to entrepreneurship.

About Inoar
Brazilian company reference in the national and international market, Inoar Cosmetics brings in its DNA the essence of its founders: the creation of innovative products through the eyes of Innocence Manoel, co-founder, Marketing Director Creation and Development; and Alexandre Nascimento’s Enterprise Management, Product Development and Structural Basis. This union makes Inoar a cosmetic brand inspired by many types of people, with innovation, cutting-edge technology and the know-how of those who understand the needs of professionals and end consumers.

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