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Argan Oil System – New Advanced Formula

Argan Oil System – New Advanced Formula

Incredible volume reduction with argan maximum power

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Discover the volume reduction that has already conquered the whole world! Argan Oil System New Advanced Formula with argan oil, cocoa butter and jojoba oil, associated with Kem³Complex provides incredible discipline to the hair, with a captivating anti-frizz effect. Much more shine, hydration and smoothness. Highlight for the application, which is super-fast, easy and safe.


First of all: make a patch test and use proper gloves.

For an incredible result, watch out for the flat iron temperature:Blonde, bleached or relaxed hair: 180ºC.Brown and virgin hair: 210ºC.Afro-textured or undyed hair: 230ºC.

Passo 1

Wash your hair from 2 to 3 times with Step 1 – Treatment Shampoo massaging for 3 min. and rinse.

Passo 2

Remove the excess water with a towel, leaving damp strands.

Passo 3

Split your hair in 4 parts.

Passo 4

Apply Step 2 – Anti-Frizz Treatment in thin strands from the back of the neck, keeping 1 cm distant from the scalp.

Passo 5

Distribute evenly with the help of a comb.

Passo 6

Let it stand for 40 to 50 min. according to the texture of the hair.

Passo 7

Rinse with plenty of water.

Passo 8

With a dryer, dry the hair completely, making a nice smooth straight effect. If desired, apply heat-activated defrizzer Thermoliss.

Passo 9

Split your hair in 4 parts.

Passo 10

Apply flat iron in very thins strands from 7 to 10 times.

Passo 11

Without rinsing, apply on dry and cold hair the Step 3 – Reconstructor Balm.

Passo 12

Leave it for 10 min and rinse. Finish as you wish!

Additional information


All types of hair


Step 1 – Treatment Shampoo 1 L, Step 2 –Anti-frizz Treatment 1 L, Step 3 – Reconstructor Balm 1 L

Main assets

Argan oil, cocoa butter and jojoba oil


1 L, 250 mL