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Les produits multifonctionnels gagnent de plus en plus d’espace dans notre routine. L’idée de réduire la quantité d’articles dans votre salle de bains a conduit certaines personnes à rechercher plus souvent des produits pouvant être utilisés de différentes manières et bénéfiques pour différentes parties du corps. Bien que la peau et les cheveux aient des aspects très différents, la similitude entre les protéines qui composent les deux structures est grande. Par conséquent, il est prudent de dire que les hydratants bénéfiques pour la peau peuvent très bien favoriser les cheveux et inversement, utilisez simplement la formulation appropriée. Pensant à cette multifonctionnalité, Inoar a créé l’une de ces formulations de type sauvage et développé la collection naturelle Hair & Body. Sa mousse enrichie en agents hydratants joue le rôle de shampooing démaquillant moyen pour les cheveux, mais remplit également très bien le rôle de Gommage et mousse pour le bain et la barbe. Tout cela combiné avec un parfum aromocologique (aramacologia apporte des sentiments positifs avec le parfum que nous sentons) qui profite à tout ce qui vous entoure. La marque a anticipé la tendance multifonctionnelle de la ligne Kálice. La ligne aux 7 huiles végétales précieuses (jasmin, argan, myrrhe, macadamia, ojon, amandes douces et romarin) est capable d’offrir des fonctions hydratantes, nourrissantes, réparatrices et antioxydantes, adoucissantes, protectrices et émollientes, avec un toucher léger et une exclusif. Son huile multifonctionnelle peut être utilisée sur la peau et les cheveux pour plusieurs fonctions: séchage des cheveux, épilation à la cire, hydratation corporelle, mélange au maquillage ou à l’apprêt et au démaquillage. Récemment, le shampooing multifonctionnel Kálice a été élu par les rédacteurs du magazine américain Hola! en tant que meilleur produit de la catégorie Les plus divers, recevant le sceau Best In Beauty 2018. Le shampooing va au-delà du nettoyage et est capable d’hydrater, de régénérer, d’adoucir et de protéger tous les types de cheveux. # Astuce Résumé Pour faire de votre bain une véritable procédure SPA, préparez un thé au basilic fort, laissez-le écraser et versez sur le corps après le bain avec Natural Collection Hair & Body. Le mélange des arômes de thé et de fleur d’oranger présents dans le produit vous offre un parfum unique et énergisant. Une autre astuce consiste à combiner l’huile multifonctionnelle et le masque kálice après l’utilisation de Natural Collection Hair & Body. Les parfums se complètent et fonctionnent également. Surtout si vos fils ont déjà subi un traitement chimique / décoloration.

Surely, you’ve heard of micelles. Very well known for being in the skin cleansing routine, they now invade the hair cosmetics. Understand the reason for being considered the great trend of physiological cleansing.


Micelles act on most of the impurities of our daily life, such as pollution, waste of makeup, dust, smoke, oiliness, among others. All this without harming the structure they are sanitizing. In this way, they act on the skin of either the scalp or the face, protecting our physiology from the effect that most deep cleansing causes when the body resents the procedure and envisages the total removal of the natural oiliness as an aggression, responding with yet more sebum production – the so-called rebound effect.


From a chemical point of view, imagine the micelles as tiny spheres that suck in any particle of dirt that is on the skin and, as soon as they are supplied, stop acting. This system respects the natural components of the dermis. On the hair, it promotes global hygiene of the yarn without aggression to important structures, such as keratin cuticles and silky factors.


Understanding the role of micelles in our cleaning routine, Inoar has created, for its line of dermocosmetics, the Micellar Water. In this formulation, with triple filtered water, the micelles were associated with the infusion of Argan Extract. Aromatized naturally with Melaleuca Oil, the formulation is further enriched with a dermatological purification and renewal complex called RejuComplex3®, composed of Pantothenate, Niacinamide and Hyaluronic Acid. The charm of this product is due to its coloration achieved thanks to chlorophyll pigments.


And in that year, the brand decided to expand the beneficial effects to the hair cleaning routine for the hair. Inoar thus created the Acqua d’Inoar Micelar line. It is not enough to be enriched with physiological cleansing micelles, the entire aqueous base of this shampoo is composed of water enriched with minerals and moisturizing agents. After the rinse, it is possible to notice that the threads are free of residues, but without that sensation of bristly hair. The line is also composed by moisturizing mask, released for Low Poo and No Poo, with fresh herbal fragrance, but with remarkable Inoar signature.


After visualizing the effects of micelles on your cleansing routine, you will understand the importance of them in everyday life for healthy, well-treated skin and hair.

Inoar Cosméticos reference in cosmetics in the national and international market, has signed with presenter Sabrina Sato to be the new advertising girl of the Dermocosmetics line. The presenter will also sign kits with a selection of products, one especially for postpartum.


« Sabrina is multifaceted, nothing standardized. She is empowered, free, authentic and has a charming beauty, not to mention her contagious energy. It has synergy with our brand and everything it represents. We launched the line last September at Beauty Fair, but only now we decided to choose a face to represent our line « , says Innocence Manoel, founder and Director of Creation and Marketing of Inoar Cosmetics.


Inoar’s line of Dermocosmetics is composed of 13 products for face and body care. Are they:


Face Care Thermal Water 120ml

Rich in soothing actives, it returns essential elements to the beauty of the skin, replenishes trace elements, refreshes and fixes makeup. Main benefits: stimulates blood microcirculation, antioxidant. Contains the assets of: orange flower water, argan, grape seed oil, lily extracts, mint, lemon balm, rosemary, lavender and melaleuca


Body Care Moisturizing Cream for Hands 50ml

Formulated especially for hand relief, with highly moisturizing Argan oil, it repairs and restores the skin’s natural protective barrier. For normal to dry skin. Main benefits: immediate reversal of dryness. Contains active hyaluronic acid, Argan oil and RejuComplex3.


Whitening Cream Clinical 30g

Formulated with Kojic and Phyhellic acids, concentrated extract of Chinese Ginger and RejuComplex3, actives that accelerate cell renewal using endogenous mechanisms of epidermal differentiation. Lightens and evenens the skin tone, leaving it free of blemishes and brighter. It acts on the formation of melanin, inhibiting tyrosinase, the cellular division of melanocytes and the keratinocyte melanocyte communication. In the already formed melanin, it inhibits its darkening. In eliminating melanin, facilitating the removal of hyperpigmented cells. Main benefits: combats hyperpigmentation, avoids new blemishes.


Clinical Anti-Age Eye Cream 28g
Signs of aging are usually more evident around the eyes. Anti-Age Eyes Inoar is a three-dimensional treatment based on a synergistic and special combination of active botanicals and peptides that will help combat the main signs of fatigue and aging of the eyes: dark circles, bags, wrinkles and fine lines of expression. Key benefits: Instantaneous absorption, 3D effect.

Gel Detox Body Care for Cellulite 230ml
Formulated with microencapsulated caffeine, descaling that helps the natural cell-burning process of fat. Anti-inflammatory actives fight the fibrosis processes against the orange peel effect. RejuComplex3 improves the overall appearance of the skin. Main benefits: deep action, improves skin appearance, normalizes skin relief.

Face Care Facial Moisturizer for Oily Skin 50g
Light, fluid, concentrated, fast absorption formulation. Inoar Face Moisturizer – Oily to Combination Skin – returns the natural moisturizing of the skin, without excesses and with a formulation specially developed to repair this type of skin. Main benefits: Instantaneous transdermal absorption, immediate reversal of dryness, non-comedogenic. mild and non-irritant.

Face Care Facial Moisturizer for Normal to Dry Skin 50g
It repairs and restores the natural protective barrier of dry skin. Formulation fluid, concentrated, of fast absorption. Formulated with active ingredients that offer immediate reversal of dryness and improve overall appearance of the skin.
Key benefits: instant transdermal absorption, immediate reversal of dryness. Contains the active RejuComplex3, Hyaluronic Acid and Ceramides.

Moisturizing Body Care Body 180g
Developed with argan, coconut and Hyaluronic Acid oils, antioxidants and moisturizers, it quickly penetrates the epidermis into the dermis. The unique RejuComplex3 active provides immediate reversal of dryness and improves the overall appearance of the skin. Main benefits: Immediate dryness reversal.

Anti-Age Clinical Mask 28g
Active brokers penetrate quickly into the skin, rebuilding points of support of the face, returning youth and lust to the skin. Act in 20 minutes. Regular use stimulates the structural collagen of the face. Formulation fluid, concentrated, of fast absorption. Key Benefits: Instant Absorption, 3D Effect, Instant Fill, Fighting Under Eye Bags, Expression Wrinkles and Fine Lines.
Face Care Facial Tonic 230ml
Treats, refreshes and tones the skin after cleansing. Its formula contains ginger, a natural antioxidant that tones and stimulates cell regeneration, in addition to Inoar thermal water, with neutral and alkaline pH and purifying elements. Does not contain soap. Key Benefits: Clears pores, clarifying lotion, impurities free skin. Contains active ginger and zinc complex.

Facial Face Care Liquid Soap 230ml
Its formula contains active cleansers, natural extract of argan and RejuComplex 3, antioxidants that offer light moisturizing for all skin types. Main benefits: cleans deeply without harming the skin, leaves a protective barrier on the face; removes makeup, pollution residues and excess oiliness.

Kálice Multifunctional Oil 100ml
Kálice is a premium multifunctional line with vitamin E and 7 precious vegetable oils for hair, body and face: argan, myrrh, macadamia, ojon, sweet almonds, jasmine and rosemary. This special combination is moisturizing, nourishing, restorative, antioxidant, softening, protective and emollient, with light touch. Main benefits: Hair moisturizing, hair finishing, body moisturizing, mixed with makeup, make-up remover

Serum Anti-age Clinical 30ml
Serum Antioxidant Inoar promotes the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines, smoothes tone and texture of the skin, decongests clogged pores and helps correct the signs of aging. It has potent antioxidant actives that lodge on the surface of the skin protecting against free radicals and clarifying the skin. Regular use provides a light dermal surface. Key Benefits: Balances skin hydration, anti aging, triple anti-oxidant, high potency – the most effective barrier against free radicals. Contains active phytophanic acid, Chinese ginger and vitamin C.

About Inoar
Inoar Cosméticos, a Brazilian company that is a reference in the national and international market, brings in its DNA the essence of its founders: the creation of innovative products through the unique look of Innocence Manoel, Director of Marketing and Creation, and the management of Alexandre Nascimento’s businesses. Inoar a brand of cosmetics inspired by various types of people, with innovation, cutting edge technology and the know-how of those who understands the needs of professionals and end consumers.