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What is a hair pyramid?

Imagine visualizing all the possibilities of capillary care on a kind of map, as a practical design of which stage of a schedule the care you have with your hair will fit. The hair pyramid is just that: a visual guide that aims to guide people in maintaining healthy hair.

Inoar has created this visualization system to make it easier to find hair care options that should be chosen according to your hair, associated with good habits and professional tips. The hair pyramid shows the needs of the threads, from the daily care to the longer treatments, sectorized of the most used, at its base, and those that need a longer time at the top.

Daily Care

Some care must be present in our daily lives. The wires need protection and hydration so they are healthy and beautiful. Among the daily care, there are three main ones: washing, conditioning and finishing.

There is nothing worse than dirty looking hair. So washing is so important. In the market, there are several shampoo options for this stage. But did you know that there is an ideal way to wash the wires? The massage activates the blood circulation, favoring the growth of the yams in a healthy way. A well-made rinse – with water at low temperature – totally removes the substances from your hair.

Next step is the conditioning for the clearance of the wires. Pay attention to the amount of product that is used, always in hair length. Removal of the entire product is essential. So that there is finalization with leave-in or oils to control the frizz and align the wires.nth, but it is always important to protect the hair with products that prevent more aggressive damage to the hair. Those that form a protective layer before chemistry.

IMPORTANT: The washing process is related to the characteristics of your hair. Thus, more oily hair needs washing more often than dry hair, for example.

Weekly care

Weekly moisturizing is essential for hair to stay shiny. For healthy hair, it is important to remember the importance of the three stages of the hair schedule: hydration, nutrition and reconstruction. Alternating the use of masks for these functions makes hair more shiny, nourished, resilient and soft.

Biweekly care

Cares that are deeper must be done more widely. More intense hydrates, such as super ampules or oils added to the mask are biweekly options of high recovery content of the threads. Reconstruction masks are also embedded in this phase of the schedule because they present a more intense treatment characteristic.

Hair that suffers from chemical applications has to undergo more intensive bi-weekly processes. So, in addition to maintaining the beauty of the yarn, it is possible to have healthier hair and suffer less with the applications made.

Monthly care

How about separating a day of the month to give that slap in the visual? Your hair deserves! Such care is more common for anyone who is accustomed to undergoing chemical procedures. That means that whoever does lights, colorings, botox, progressive and other heavier treatments for the thread, knows very well what that is.

The famous retouching can happen more often than a month, but it is always important to protect the hair with products that prevent more aggressive damage to the hair. Those that form a protective layer before chemistry.

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